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Soul's Wager Project

Name Your Price!

I put this little map together during the winter when I was just beginning my year of reading.  I've made a lot of headway on it! 

The Map

The Project

I started it by simply noticing a pattern in some of my 2017 TBRs.  I discovered a few versions of the Faust Legend.  I already read The Monk and wanted to read The Hunchback of Notre Dame.  So I sought out more books that include this ultimate Good vs Evil theme! 

The little nodes tie in the similar books' theme or plot.  I think they look nice together.  I plan to re-read them and make some comparisons together.  

If you would like to create your own Soul's Wager, feel free! I'd love to hear what your books are.  Or if you added any new themes.  It's a fun way to organize a TBR.

The Finished Reads

So far, I've made some major headway! Here's a list of the reviewed books that are just waiting for some deeper comparisons & discussions!

Faust Part 1 & 2: A Web of Deals
Doctor Faustus: The Older …

Fathers & Sons

Something to Treasure

By Ivan Turgenev
Translated By C.J. Hogarth
Russian, 1862
Realism, Philosophical, Coming of Age

Main Attractions

1.  Seeps into the Reader
2.  Mellow & Strong Passages
3.  Artistic Archetypal Characters
4.  Harmonious Threads
5.  Philosophical Dialogues
6.  Monologue Point of View
7.  Reveals Various Relationships
8.  Simply Great Storytelling
9.  Both Slow & Quick Pacing!
10.  Incredible Variety of Allusions


I must make a postcard video for this one! Astounding quotes & images to be found.

Cuisine & Delicacies

Ranked as: Dessert Bar
This one could also be a Mystery Meat because of all the peaceful thinking I'm left with.  I have to go with dessert bar because of the fairy tale feel of this book.  It's a cozy story told by a family member.  It also has very deep meanings under the surface that can stay with you for years to come.

Why Visit Here

It can be read as just a story about father-son relationships.  Or simply to explore how times change.  It ca…


Travel Itineraries of All the Destinations

An Alphabetical Index: Complete List of Books

Ancient Global Epics: Glacial reading pace of the roots of our civilization.

Chronology of Russian Novels: Reference List & Challenge to Read them All!

Reading All Around the World: A Challenge to Diversify by Country!

The Classics Club: My Next 50 Classics to Read.

Doctor Faustus

The Older Web of Deals

By Christopher Marlowe
British, 1604 & 1616 Ed.

Main Attractions

1.  Dramatic Scenes    
2.  Every Human Emotion
3.  Magic & Wish Granting
4.  Profound Dialogue
5.  Peculiar Humour
6.  Philosophical Questions
7.  Shocking Moments
8.  Bloodcurdling Sentences
9.  Memorable Characters
10.  Allusions Abound


Cuisine & Delicacies

Ranked as: Dessert Bar
This one’s tough to rank!  So let’s go with rich and complex undertones.  This play is only about 80 pages, but there is a lot going on under the surface.  The language invokes even more possibilities.  And the allusions to other great works also invites even more interpretations.  Superficially, it’s a great, chilling read for a summer afternoon or a cold, wintery evening.  The desert bar allows for the variety of interpretations that this play lays out for us.    

Why Visit Here

Marlowe’s play reminds my why I like to read plays.  They are a combination of great storytelling and poetry without the descriptive…

Why I Read

Each time I go into the living room or come home, I am overwhelmed by the books that are here.  It’s like when you go on vacation and you wake up, look out the window, you know that feeling in your heart? When you realize what’s in front of you?  The books in my cube are very special because I understand a bit of just how many books aren’t included in this tiny cube.  Because they are here, it makes them that much more special.  They are the perfect books for me, at this time.  Primarily, reading them gives me so much joy.  I have that same feeling when I look at my personal library.  

     Acandysomething who is a book vlogger said it so beautifully in her video: you don’t need to own books to be a reader.  She has a much smaller shelf than me.  Some of these books have travelled the world with me, truly.  Combined, they’ve been to London, all over Korea, South America and all over Canada.  They’ve been stored in boxes while I travelled and lived abroad, they’ve been recently acc…

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Living, Breathing Cathedral

By Victor Hugo
France, 1831
Gothic, Philosophy

Main Attractions

1.  Incredible Story Telling  
2.  Resonating Descriptions
3.  Memorable Characters
4.  Poetic Structure
5.  Fast Paced Plotline
6.  Emotional Scenes
7.  Unpredictable Events
8.  Philosophical & Social Commentary
9.  Intense Final Scenes
10. Memorable Ending 


Cuisine & Delicacies

Ranked as: Lasagna or Hearty Casserole
On the surface, this book’s plot is fairly straightforward in a similar way as Crime & Punishment.  But if you look at the finer details in how things are described, a very poetic and philosophical discussion emerges about what is art and even what is life?  They are very profound concepts for a 500 page novel.  Then, if you examine the cast of characters and what they represent, the discussion about life takes root.  The roles and stereotypes that members of society are simultaneously trapped within and broken free in this book.  All of it makes for delicious reading with lots…