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12 Drafts in 12 Months

#Year of Writing
2017 was such an awesome Year of Reading that when I discovered this project, I have to join in.  I’ll continue to read with a focus on re-reading in 2018 because as a writer, reading is critical for the development of our craft.  Much more on this later!!  So, I’m very proud and excited to announce THE project of 2018:
The Guidelines
12 Drafts in 12 Months!  Starting January 2018, I’ll begin writing a fresh, brand new draft for a novel each month.  It’ll be the bare bones beginning of a novel in any and all genres.  Knowing my glorious, chaotic mind, there will be no rhyme or reason to how these 12 drafts will take shape.   
The host of this project is Merflower on the NaNoWriMo site.  She set up a Facebook Group also.  She outlines the rules as, you can write in any genre and try to finish it in that month.  The goal at the end of 2018 is to have 12 finished 1st Drafts.  If you don’t finish the 12 Drafts, no worries because you’ve written more than you would have!  The …

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

Scent & Desire's Entanglements

By Patrick Suskind
Translated By John E. Woods
German, 1985
Horror, Mystery, Magical Realism, Absurdism

Main Attractions

1. Powerfully Descriptive Language   
2. Creepily Compelling Storyline
3. Memorable Main Character
4. Major Plot Twists & Events
5. Detailed Perfume Alchemy
6. Grisly Moments & Images
7. Filled with Villains
8. Evil Atmospheric Novel 
9. Eery, Tragic Consequences 
10. That ending though?!

Cuisine & Delicacies

Ranked as: Ghost Pepper BBQ Ribs
Immediately, this book heaps the reader one 1 of 2 piles.  Either the imagery draws you into the rotting food stalls at a back alley market or it straight up repulses you with the grotesque descriptions.  Like a Terry Gilliam film, I don’t think there’s headspace for being completely unaffected by this book.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not attracted to the scent of rotting fish and clearly it repulses me.  Yet, this story is crafted in such an artistic way.  

The main character isn’t a complete being…


I’m back!! After a long break.  I just cannot keep an Olive Schedule because I could vanish as often as Tall Tales.  I would love to have the abundance of the librarian, Richarson Read’s curated collection though.  I sure hope my writing is as witty as Kiss My Frog’s videos.  What is this? A Booktube Book Booktuberism? Naw… too easy!!
Reading is more than just hobby for me, it’s my Poland Bannana youthful insane zeal.  Though I do treat it with the chill, thoughtfulness of a Griffiths.  I would like to catalogue and recall everything I’ve read with the speed of 1Book 1Reader.  That would be a Tortoise Dream!  But then, perhaps the snappiness of current events like Kamil Reads would be pretty cool too!    Alas, I just have the emotional reactions of Hannah Tay!  Everything makes me feel something, which I love.  If only, I could summarize my reads with Earnest conciseness and bring out that level of discussion!  It’s ok because I always greet my books with Lauren’s hA-LO.  Then afterwar…