I’m back!! After a long break.  I just cannot keep an Olive Schedule because I could vanish as often as Tall Tales.  I would love to have the abundance of the librarian, Richarson Read’s curated collection though.  I sure hope my writing is as witty as Kiss My Frog’s videos.  What is this? A Booktube Book Booktuberism? Naw… too easy!!

Reading is more than just hobby for me, it’s my Poland Bannana youthful insane zeal.  Though I do treat it with the chill, thoughtfulness of a Griffiths.  I would like to catalogue and recall everything I’ve read with the speed of 1Book 1Reader.  That would be a Tortoise Dream!  But then, perhaps the snappiness of current events like Kamil Reads would be pretty cool too!    Alas, I just have the emotional reactions of Hannah Tay!  Everything makes me feel something, which I love.  If only, I could summarize my reads with Earnest conciseness and bring out that level of discussion!  It’s ok because I always greet my books with Lauren’s hA-LO.  Then afterwards regard them with Portal’s thoughtful reflections & musings.  But then, I must think, what are, the Words of a Reader?  I can be here until the Medieval Reader chimes in with a well needed discussion.  During these thoughtful times, I cancel plans.  Alas, I say, I’m Between Books and I can’t go out.  I’m in the Restricted Section with so little Time to Read!  I’m staying in the Library till I’m Drunk!  I wanna be a Literary Gladiator!! With me now: Bookmarks!!  Geeze…. I need to get My own Reading Life.

Here’s a good one!!  What’s the answer to the age old question: “to break a spine or not to?”  Or, what if your Lit’s Book Cover was Stripped?? Ah! Let’s ask The Book Chemist.  Make a note, if you wear out your book, there is a repair guide over at Sues Book Nook.  So it’s all good, it’s ok to always be Awake and Reading.  See, we’ve got A Book Utopia because we’re all Poptimists here!  Books are Better than Food after all, even those who don’t want to be included.  Cliff… I’m looking’ at you…  Really, I have no idea what the Pickle is.  We’re a great community, he’s welcome to chill with us!  Does he need a Paper Bird to fly in an invitation to him?  Probably not, he’s just a Wading Moose staying at his side of the Library!  I hope this is witty!! I never want to be Lost in Articulation!! May I always be able to Insert Literary Pun Here.  And my Thoughts to be Novel.  

So, booktube, readers, viewers and fellow content creators, if you ever feel stress, be sure to hang out at our Garden Scriptorium.  She’ll get your plant’s grove back and your Ben Sander’s or J. D. Estrada’s writin’ again.  Archers too.  Have I forgotten anyone one?  Oh yes! My 2nd hand book haul of Paperback Junky’s Epic Reads’ proportions!! Tip for buyers, don’t let book Insomnia get you down!! Buy 2nd hand!  Your bank account will Remember you.

But, if you must go on a book buying binge, let Jen Campbell or Steve Donohue be your guides, they know what’s what.  If you’d like some more thoughts on the subject be sure to ask the Skeptical Reader what not to buy, Big Al or Sadie Ruin if you’re from Canada.  Beyond one more Page before I go.  If you have only money for 1 book, here’s my Thoughts on Tomes, just buy one and, For the Love of Classics, don’t be a Madman or a Baked Book!!  Okidoboki?  Always, Looks before you Books.  Make each read count.  It’s ok to have Literary Diversions or to Climb the Stacks.  And occasionally please, Dust your Shelves.  Britta will thank you.

Thank you for 200 Subscribers.  I adore this community.


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