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The 2 Classes of Writers

Campers, ready your teams!

There's really only 2 options for writers to drift into.  Nano says there's 3: Planners, Pantsers & most of us are the combinational Plantsers.
This post is all about quantity because, let's be honest ... if you Wrimo you're all about numbers & sprints.  
It's no secret that writers are the most arrogant people around who also suffer from rampant insecurity.  So we may find comfort in the steadfast solidarity of numbers.  I reached 1k today is concrete proof that goals have been reached.  Shhh... editing & readers are considered profanities at this stage.  It's all about numbers today.
So, our neurotic selves will classify quantities into only 2 classes; lots and little.  The quality of writing within those numbers is up for debate.  Tiny means better quality and all that jazz.  But more means bountiful creativity boasts the tycoons.
In picture format, here's the heavy hitters.  The folks who boast bountiful numbers.  The o…

April Camp Nanowrimo Calendar

Hi Wrimos!!

It's that time again ... where writers from all over the planet emerge from hibernation, take to the grocery stores' snack section & stock pile for the best writing event of the year!!!

* 3 Cheers!!!! *

There's only 1 thing better than the original Nano & that's Camp Nano: every April & July.  The biggest difference is the flexibility of the projects.  It's a time to revise your November project, beef up your blogs, complete some screenwriting or finish off your Thesis.

This year, I'll try --again-- to revise a previous nano.  Feel free to download this, share it and let it guide you through the messiness that is writing er, revising.

Feel free to leave a comment about future calendars you'd like to see for July's Camp.  (Revision, Word Trackers, Writing Prompts)