April Camp Nanowrimo Calendar

Hi Wrimos!!

It's that time again ... where writers from all over the planet emerge from hibernation, take to the grocery stores' snack section & stock pile for the best writing event of the year!!!

* 3 Cheers!!!! *

There's only 1 thing better than the original Nano & that's Camp Nano: every April & July.  The biggest difference is the flexibility of the projects.  It's a time to revise your November project, beef up your blogs, complete some screenwriting or finish off your Thesis.

This year, I'll try --again-- to revise a previous nano.  Feel free to download this, share it and let it guide you through the messiness that is writing er, revising.

Feel free to leave a comment about future calendars you'd like to see for July's Camp.  (Revision, Word Trackers, Writing Prompts)


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