The 2 Classes of Writers

Campers, ready your teams!

There's really only 2 options for writers to drift into.  Nano says there's 3: Planners, Pantsers & most of us are the combinational Plantsers.

This post is all about quantity because, let's be honest ... if you Wrimo you're all about numbers & sprints.  

It's no secret that writers are the most arrogant people around who also suffer from rampant insecurity.  So we may find comfort in the steadfast solidarity of numbers.  I reached 1k today is concrete proof that goals have been reached.  Shhh... editing & readers are considered profanities at this stage.  It's all about numbers today.

So, our neurotic selves will classify quantities into only 2 classes; lots and little.  The quality of writing within those numbers is up for debate.  Tiny means better quality and all that jazz.  But more means bountiful creativity boasts the tycoons.

In picture format, here's the heavy hitters.  The folks who boast bountiful numbers.  The over achievers that us small fries loath & admire: 

Us small fries bask in the long, menacing shadows of these tycoons.  We can only look up at them from our rickety computers or stack of notebook papers in a leaky basement.  

We consider our word count of 25 to be an achievement.  And for a poet, those are monumental words!  To reach 25, in their mind ... a poet is a tycoon for a day.  

Because tomorrow, there may be no words.  It happens.  

We've all had days where the words just don't flow.  They're all jammed up and only a single precious sentence pokes through, waiting for the waters of creativity.  That lone sentence or modest word count matters.  Those few, precious words worked hard to arrive at your writing space.

So keep in mind, feelings of tycoonery or  word shortages are nothing more than your own frame of mind.  

Embrace your words, all of them & keep writing.


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