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Baffling Poetic Dream

By James Joyce
Irish, 1922 
Random House/Bodley Head Text
Philosophy, Modernist, Avant Garde

Main Attractions

1.  A simple story that’s outlandishly complicated       
2.  Invented words nestled into perfectly formed sentences
3.  More language jokes than can ever be interpreted
4.  Only two main characters & the lady who outshines
5.  Perhaps a wildly Irish satirical adaptation of The Odyssey 
6.  Set on a single day & takes a full single day to read through
7.  Each episode reveals a different narrative structure
8.  Humanity’s 3-D consciousness compressed onto a flat page
9.  Loaded with puns, bawdy humour & mundane moments 
10.  Painstaking, attention to finite details of Dublin & humanity


These quotes are only from Episodes 1-5:

Cuisine & Delicacies

Ranked as: Han Jeong Shik
Without question, this book presents a major learning curve for readers of Joyce or for any new to avant-garde literature.  Careful readers are heavily rewarded each time they …

Seven Fallen Feathers

An Invitation to Walk a Mile

By Tanya Talaga
Canadian, 2017
Non-Fiction, Biography, Indigenous Issues

Table of Contents

1.  Finding the Story to Tell
2.  This Happened Before
3.  Some Culture Shock
4.  Past Hurts
5.  Hollowness Remains
6.  How can we Protect the Youth?
7.  They were Brothers
8.  A Desperate Plea
9.  They Matter, Too
10.  Seven Fallen Feathers


Cuisine & Delicacies
Ranked as: Hearty Veggie Burger
This non-fiction book tells the story of so much more than the seven students who were found.  It goes through the lives of each student, their community & family.  Once their passing occurs,    Talaga gives over the details from when the child went missing, to how the police responded any follow up or lack of.  Finally, she concludes with an overview of the inquest that happened in Thunder Bay as part of why so many are dying while attending school.    

Why Visit Here

This 5 minute video is a woman sharing her experiences with racism in Thunder Bay, part of a series of interviews…