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July Camp Nanowrimo Calendar

Welcome back to Camp fellow Wrimos!

I blame the internet for my double booking this July.  I signed up for the #hotandsticky 4 month long summer writing extravaganza.  Feel free to join in the fun or mark your calendar for next summer.  Details for that craziness can be found on this blog post and here’s a link to their youtube channel.  The hashtag is great fun on Twitter.

Ok, back to camp!  This time the calendar is all about keeping the summer groove, classroom style.  It features expert level procrastination, a writer’s must do.  It also features high level randomness also known as ‘I’m not procrastinating because it adds a creative element to my WIP.’  No class of people can whup us when it comes to creatively finding ways to procrastinate.  We invented that ninja in our psyche!

My quote for the month, in honour of our awesomeness & libraries: 
“The greatest part of a writer’s time is spent in reading, in order to write; a man [& a woman] will turn over half a library to make…

On Poetic Depression

My views towards depression have changed a lot in the past few years.  I see it now as a symptom of modern society.  Our world today encourages it for all walks of life to prevent meaningful progress.  I also think it's a sign of a healthy soul because of how wacky our world is.  
Anyone with good sense & who is still aware of their compassion can look around and wonder why things keep going the way they do.  We haven't made a lot of meaningful progress since we left the caves.  We still base much of our economy on war & unsustainable life.  Any rational person would feel crushed when examining these things from this point of view.  Rather than depression being seen only as something tragic (which it absolutely is) it should  also be regarded as part of being an intellectual human.  We are lucky to feel incredible joy & to create mundane miracles.  Yet we don’t acknowledge these moments as meaningful progress.  What is meaningful progress?  Is it the same for every…

The 4 Month Writing Summer Party

It’s only 410 Words per day for the #hotandsticky writer’s extravaganza hosted by the Youtube Sensations: Stripped Cover Lit!!
So ...

... while I think of an idea ...
If you see this post, consider yourself invited to join in the madness that is a 4 month novel writing adventure; from June 1 until September 30.  This marathon is for endurance rather than NaNoWriMo’s awesome power of sprinting!  (I’ll still be camping this July, blame #yearofwriting for that creative overbooking)
#yearofwriting suffers from too many project syndrome, wait a minute.  #hotandsticky is the perfect project for writing about having too many projects on the go & perhaps for  this blog!

As of this post, 190 words down, 630 more to go.  Ok, I’ll use #hotandsticky to shake the crickets out of my blog.  So each Book Destination can equal 1000 words because they take about 2 hours to craft, #hotandsticky should be a challenge ‘cause well, we’re hot and also so sticky. Bleh!
What'll your #hotandsticky project b…