The 4 Month Writing Summer Party

It’s only 410 Words per day for the #hotandsticky writer’s extravaganza hosted by the Youtube Sensations: Stripped Cover Lit!!

So ...  

... while I think of an idea ...

If you see this post, consider yourself invited to join in the madness that is a 4 month novel writing adventure; from June 1 until September 30.  This marathon is for endurance rather than NaNoWriMo’s awesome power of sprinting!  (I’ll still be camping this July, blame #yearofwriting for that creative overbooking)

#yearofwriting suffers from too many project syndrome, wait a minute.  #hotandsticky is the perfect project for writing about having too many projects on the go & perhaps for  this blog!

As of this post, 190 words down, 630 more to go.  Ok, I’ll use #hotandsticky to shake the crickets out of my blog.  So each Book Destination can equal 1000 words because they take about 2 hours to craft, #hotandsticky should be a challenge ‘cause well, we’re hot and also so sticky. Bleh!

What'll your #hotandsticky project be?  Let's get to work!!

Drop what you're doing, get out there & start your novel with a slow 410 words per day for a leisurely 4 months. 


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