Duelling Cabins = A Fun Camp

Atten: Fellow Campers!!

We're at the 1/2 point for July's Camp Nanowrimo.  So this means you have a cabin already & a project to work on.  The 1/2 point is often when folks run out of steam. So, what better way to light up the 'ole inspiration tank but with the duelling cabins.

Not this kind of duel!!

This kind!! 

If you see this, your cabin is cordially invited to join in for July Camp's 2nd half push to the finish line!  

How or where can you join in? It's being hosted over at the official Nanowrimo Site, here's the discussion thread:

Rally your campers & let's jump in!

Our cabin's at 58% ... we've got some bigwig heavy hitters.  If your cabin's tougher than ours, we hereby challenge you to a duel!

At camp, we are getting down to the crunch time, so we've expanded our cabins with free food.  Hope to lure in some more tough typists.  It seems to have worked because we have officially expanded on the cabin battle, entering into a formal competition with Almhuttn Cabin.

* rolls in the old typewriter * Let's do this!

Camp is over for this season.  We've all brought our A-Game, morphed into Zombies or got eaten by a spider.  But we've all done our best to race to ... the goals we set for ourselves.  That's not always tangible, we can't always share that list with others.  But, * sniff * our goals are in our hearts.

So without further ado, let's give a rundown of the nitty gritty numerical stats for each cabin:

Bridge Between Worlds:

Free Food and WiFi:

Our final, beautiful image that shows the epic grandness of the month's hard work.  

It was a rough ride, some campers gave their all, fighting the keyboard each day.  Others simply cooked too many s'mores, rendering themselves with a stomachache watching Netflix.  And the Greek cabin, ah the Greeks.  

They arrived, they fought, they tried.

And we love them for it. *wistful tear *  Thank goodness we have Valkirie Cabin to send their horse off on an honourable burial.  

Until next time, happy writing everyone!  See you in November!

"We celebrate our mutual victories in Elysian Fields, a beautiful, alpine, Austrian meadow that is merging into the realm of Mount Olympus and the space Between Worlds. No wi-fi is needed there, but the folks at Free Food and Wi-Fi have laid out a picnic spread for us. Enjoy!"


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