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My Next 50 Classics to Read

Classics Club
The Mission
The goal of this club is very simple, simply list any 50 classics you would like to read in the next little while, up to 5 years max.  Then hyperlink your post as you read them.  The classic can be in any mode; novel, novella, dramas, short story or poetry (collections).
I would like to expand my list to include some non-fiction that would be a classic in it’s field and philosophy because I have a huge craving for it.  And of course, my definition of a classic is virtually any text much older than the 1960s.  I’ll also count my AGE Project & Russian Classic Reads for this challenge as well. 
The Deadline
My deadline will be in 2 years, so about 2 classics a month.  The reason, my blog has been collecting dust lately.  I want to set a goal of writing 4 reviews a month so hopefully this club can give me the push I need to achieve that.  
All 50 books completed by:
September 1, 2020
If you would like to join, the details are here & you’re welcome to sign up! http…