More Than a Year

By George Orwell
British, 1949
Dystopian, Political Fiction, SciFi

Main Attractions

1. Big Brother
2. Twisted up Romeo & Juliet
3. Very atmospheric writing.
4. Vivid descriptions.
5. Sometimes dry and political.
6. Insightful or creepy invented language.
7. Memorable story and characters.
8. Haunting climax and conclusion.
9. Futile hero’s quest.
10. The story'll never go away!  

Cuisine & Delicacies

This books will haunt you forever.  But that’s not until you are left hiding under the bed for weeks afterwards.  It’s written in the style of a political treatise which adds to the creep factor.  If it was written more like a fiction book, it’ll be easier to view as fiction.  Because it’s a dense description of one man’s life, it seems more real.  This realness is what makes it such a long-lasting impression.  

The Signet Classics version is taller than most paperback novels, this also adds to the ‘feel’ of a political brochure rather than a paperback novel.

Destination Summary

This video give s a detailed summary, full of spoilers and an analysis.  It’s still worth it to read the book because the writing style suits to content so well.  

Travel Advisory:

Nightmare inducing book because Orwell combines fiction, political philosophy, language and social commentary into one single story.    It’s a polarizing book in the sense that people have either read it or haven’t.  Readers of it either love it or hate it.  I don’t think there are people who are unmoved by it.

Packing List
 A cup of coffee to settle you in
 Organ music; Creepy or Grand
 Old newspapers for their effect
 Something happy & nostalgic 

Recommended Resources:

Film Adaptations:
 1984 (1984), Directed by Michael Radford - This is the classic that is most popular
 1984 (1956), Directed by Michael Anderson - This one is black and white and is far creepier

Alternate Books:
 Animal Farm - reads like a dark fairy tale
 Brave New World - reputed companion to 1984 with a different take 
 We (By Y. Zamyatin) - Inspired Orwell to write 1984