Chronology of Russian Novels

Taken from The Russian Novel from Pushkin to Pasternak.  Edited by John Garrard.   

John GarrardIt’s a fantastic book that gives a sweeping overview of Russian literature, the historical context, brief biographies of the authors and their influences.  It highlights the epic conversation of Russian/Ukranian Literature.  It’s well worth your time to track it down and buy a copy, having the Romanized Titles are indispensable for anyone serious about Russian Lit.

This book also has an appendix of recommended translations. I disagree with the Dostoevsky translations he recommends.  Some of the Constance Garnett translations have been updated since this book’s publication.  The rest of them are still the celebrated ones that are the most complete, having them listed can save you a lot of time searching out the best translations.  It’s such a great book, I’d love to see an updated Reprinting of it that includes recent translations and contemporary novels.  

I omitted the original Russian names that are Romanized in the book’s Chronology.







  1. Thank you! I will look for this book. Another one that I partially read (library book I had to return) and that is highly regarded is A History of Russian Literature by Mirsky.


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