A Thousand Splendid Suns

Women Cross Paths

By Khaled Hosseini
Afghanistan, 2007
Literary, Contemporary, Women’s Lit

Main Attractions

1. Even more memorable than “The Kite Runner.”
2. A must re-read!
3. Brilliantly crafted storylines.
4. Exotic Afghanistan setting.
5. Sneak peak into daily lives of Afghan women.
6. Strangely uplifting story.
7. A very unsettling story.
8. Characters to root for!
9. And become angry with.
10. Shares Afghanistan’s history and culture.

Cuisine & Delicacies
Ranked as: Ice Cream & Gelato
It’s also an emotional powerhouse that keeps you turning the pages.  Then something happens and it dips for a second or two.  Then an explosion for the rest of the book.  Doesn’t that describe eating Ice Cream on a hot summer day?  The momentary dip is just a breather but then you have to eat it so fast before it melts!

The writing is so vivid and emotional.  Each breath the character takes, you’re sure to feel.  I loved this book so much, it’s tricky to explain it!   

Destination Postcard

Off the Beaten Path

Khaled Hosseini visits a Syrian Refugee camp.  As always, he’s very insightful with his words.  

Packing List
✓ Map & Pics of Afghanistan
✓ Notebook and Pen for catching inspirations
✓ Tissues and a Fluffy Plushy Bear
✓ A lady you love on speed-dial for consoling

Travel Advisory:

There are some very gritty and cringeworthy bits.  Enraging moments abound!

Recommended Resources:
Alternate Books
✓ Train to Pakistan By Khushwant Singh (1956) - It’s about women and also the Partition a sudden divide in their country.
Shooting Kabul By N.H, Sensai (2010) - Great book for introducing children to Afghanistan and the refuge/immigration experience.
✓ Cracking India By Bapsi Sidhwa (1988) - Inspired Deepa Mehta to film her movie, Earth
✓ The Kite Runner  By Khaled Hosseini (2003) - Shares some masculine themes with A Thousand Splendid Suns

Alternate Films
✓ Water (2005) Directed by Deepa Mehta - Somehow, she creates a novel in movie form.

✓ Fire (1996) Directed by Deepa Mehta - Shares some feminine themes with A Thousand Splendid Suns.

✓ The Kite Runner (2007) Directed by Marc Forster  - Great film about Afghanistan that isn’t a war driven plot. Hoping for more cultural films!