Mar 17, 2017

A Thousand Splendid Suns

Women Cross Paths

By Khaled Hosseini
Afghanistan, 2007
Literary, Contemporary, Women’s Lit

Main Attractions

1. Even more memorable than “The Kite Runner.”
2. A must re-read!
3. Brilliantly crafted storylines.
4. Exotic Afghanistan setting.
5. Sneak peak into daily lives of Afghan women.
6. Strangely uplifting story.
7. Also very unsettling story.
8. Characters to genuinely root for!
9. Characters to truly become angry with.
10. Shares Afghanistan’s history and culture.

Cuisine & Delicacies

Ranked as: Ice Cream & Gelato
It’s also an emotional powerhouse that keeps you turning the pages.  Then something happens and it dips for a second or two.  Then an explosion for the rest of the book.  Doesn’t that describe eating Ice Cream on a hot summer day?  The momentary dip is just a breather but then you have to eat it so fast before it melts!

The writing is so vivid and emotional.  Each breath the character takes, you’re sure to feel.  I loved this book so much, it’s tricky to explain it!   

Destination Postcard


Off the Beaten Path

Khaled Hosseini visits a Syrian Refugee camp.  As always, he’s very insightful with his words.  

Travel Advisory:

There are some very gritty and cringeworthy bits.  Enraging moments abound!

Packing List

✓ Map & Pics of Afghanistan
✓ Notebook and Pen for catching inspirations
✓ Tissues and a Fluffy Plushy Bear
✓ A lady you love on speed-dial for consoling

Recommended Resources:

Alternate Books
✓ Train to Pakistan By Khushwant Singh (1956) - It’s about women and also the Partition a sudden divide in their country.
Shooting Kabul By N.H, Sensai (2010) - Great book for introducing children to Afghanistan and the refuge/immigration experience.
✓ Cracking India By Bapsi Sidhwa (1988) - Inspired Deepa Mehta to film her movie, Earth
✓ The Kite Runner  By Khaled Hosseini (2003) - Shares some masculine themes with A Thousand Splendid Suns

Alternate Films
✓ Water (2005) Directed by Deepa Mehta - Somehow, she creates a novel in movie form.
✓ Fire (1996) Directed by Deepa Mehta - Shares some feminine themes with A Thousand Splendid Suns.
✓ The Kite Runner (2007) Directed by Marc Forster  - Great film about Afghanistan that isn’t a war driven plot. Hoping for more cultural films!

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