Anne of Green Gables, The Unforgettable!

An Indescribable Walking Dictionary
By Lucy Maud Montgomery 
Canadian, 1908
Coming of Age, Realistic, Fiction

Top Ten Attractions
1. The characters
2. Comical word choice and descriptions
3. Constant unpredictable mishaps
4. Marilla and Anne’s clashing personalities
5. Mathew and Anne’s complimentary personalities
6. Gorgeous setting of P.E.I. described well
7. Many examples of showing not telling
8. Green Gables is a real place
9. Anne is a truly loveable orphan
10. Mathew still brings tears to my eyes

Video Postcard
It's a nostalgic one! Enjoy!

Destination Summary 
Anne will make you laugh and she’s sure to teach you many new words.  It’s a great book to read to your children at night.  Or to mull around with on a hot day.  It’s great for cheering up and rekindling that sense of abandon we all tend to forget about as we grow older.  Anne’s adventures are so timeless and memorable.  If you go berry picking, be sure to take it with you for your break time.

Travel Advisory:
No advisory is needed.  Can be enjoyed by all ages, any time of the year.

Cuisine & Delicacies
Ranked as: Summer Salad
It’s light and can be packed up to go with you anywhere.  It can accompany almost any other book.  If you have a dense book on your nightstand, this one can pair nicely with most for those ‘off nights’ when you need something lighter.  

It’s great for taking with you on errands because many people you encounter have already read it.  Lots of people could be happy to chat about Anne’s happenings!

For most enjoyment:
  • indulge on a warm summer day
  • on the beach
  • read out loud at your campsite.

Packing List
  • Summer Drink and Snack
  • Fuzzy Blanket or Comfy chair
  • Purring cat or chirping birds
  • Sense of humor
  • Tissue to wipe tears
  • Puzzles or a colouring book 

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