The Most Cliche Ending

By William Shakespeare
British, c. 1599
Tragedy, Drama

Main Attractions

Shakespeare1. Coolest Skull Scene Ever!
2. Epically Quotable Lines
3. Internal Debate of Life or Death
4. Father’s Ghost Haunts Son
5. Son Judges Mother’s Actions
6. Raises Ethics of Life and Love
7. Seriously, Everybody Dies
8. The Love Interest is Driven Insane
9. Disney’s The Lion King and…
10. Sons of Anarchy are both Retellings!

Travel Advisory:

There is a lot of philosophy about life or death.  And then, there’s a lot of death.  It’s all about dramatic actions and their consequences.  

The story is so rich and inspiring, there have been numerous adaptations, it’s easy to get lost in choosing only one to watch or read. 

Cuisine & Delicacies

Ranked as: Lasagna or Hearty Casserole
It has the psychological depth of Crime & Punishment.  Hamlet begins with so many moral dilemmas and the plot twists almost beyond comprehension!  There are layers of things to interpret and unravel.  Each character has their own motivation which enriches the plot. The climax has become the pinnacle cliche!  I’m sure every reader agrees.  Is there a more cliche ending?

Destination Summary

This video shows all of it!!! Spoilers abound.  Even with spoilers, it’s still great to experience the reading of this masterpiece.  If you’ve watched Disney’s the Lion King, you already know all the spoilers.  Sorry!

Off the Beaten Path

To drive home my point that Hamlet’s ending is cliche…. I included the trailer for Sons of Anarchy.  I didn’t catch the similarity to Hamlet until the final scene, in Season 7!! Loved the ending to both: Hamlet and Sons of Anarchy

Disclaimer: This is the trailer for season 1, which is a show about a biker gang.  So there are a lot of fight scenes and could be unsettling for sensitive or younger viewers.  Trailer is probably a PG-13 Rating.

Packing List
✓ A Skull: Decorative Figure or Computer Wallpaper
✓ Highlighter for all the great quotes!
✓ Trusty notebook for resulting inspiration
✓ Character List for how everyone is related
✓ Adaptation of your choice: Book or Film

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