Marlowe, cowriter for Shakespeare?

Marlowe is underestimated!

This is hardly recent news but it's still amazing to me.  

Marlowe and Shakespeare

A moment of digression please. Anything and everything that can enhance Dostoevsky's writing is stuffed into my endless TBR pile.  So I'm on a Faust kick right now.  Goethe is the modern go-to for soul wagering.  He's the first one I thought of.  

Did you know, he was a little late to the Faust party at 1808? Marlowe's play Doctor Faustus was preformed in 1592!  I can only imagine the debauchery and scandal this play incited over Medieval coffee.

Why am I sharing this with you?  I found a very recent article published just a couple of years ago.  (Recent compared to 1500s publications.)

The BBC titled it, "Christopher Marlowe credited as Shakespeare's co-writer."  If that doesn't blow your quill out of it's ink....Then, well... you probably know at least the basics of Literature's History.  

Embarrassing confession.... I never heard of Marlowe until this Faust Project of mine started.  I know...

The gist of the article is they worked together on some plays.  I know from high school that Shakespeare may not have written all of his plays.  Even I know that. *super proud moment.*  I never considered that some scholarly folks would be trying to discover who and how much. 

It's a great article.  I highly recommend giving it a quick glance.  I deliberately left out all of the juicy bits so you can read it, spoiler free.  The plays they worked on are pretty interesting.  You have to get that info from the original article. ^.^

"Christopher Marlowe credited as Shakespeare's co-writer."
The article can be found here: