St. Patty's Day

Happy Irish Days!

The Holidays:

There are actually 2 very Irish days a year! Before I started this bookish journey, I didn't know this! We all know St. Patty's Day.  There is also Bloomsday.

The Event:
These very Irish holidays will be a literary journey into library land!  One full day, one full Joycean book.  Any fan of James Joyce fan already knows how this will turn out! *Include laughter and good times here*

St. Patty's Day is March 17
Bloomsday is June 16

Bloomsday is extra special because Irish tradition has pubs and homes all over the country play Ulysses from 10 am and go well into the night.  Before audio books, I'm sure they read the entire book in all it's difficult to understand goodness! It takes about 30 hours, just enough time to celebrate and journey with loved ones!  

The Books:

Both of them were written by the Irish icon, James Joyce.  

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man was written 1st and it's about Joyce becoming an artist.  It's semi-autobiographical.  

Joyce's longer masterpiece is Ulysses.  It's about one man's journey through Dublin on June 16.  It's a parody of Homer's ancient Greek work, The Odyssey where it takes forever for the young soldier to get home.

St. Patty's Day & Bloomsday!

So much great literature! So many glorious Irish Traditions!  What a great way to celebrate an iconic Irish Writer!  Join in the fun ^.^