The Book Thief, Ominously

A Deathly Tale of Reading

By Markus Zusak

Australian, 2005
YA, Historical

Main Attractions

1. Death is the narrator in Germany, WWII.
2. Foreshadowing and Death follow the main character.
3. It's war what do you think will happen!!
4. She learns to read and write.
5. The foster parents are actually the good guys.
6. Gothic, dark and beautiful pictures.
7. Poetic and very Quotable.
8. Death has a sense of humor and needs a vacation.
9. A Blue-eyed German boy paints his skin black with charcoal and admires Jesse Owens.
10. The whole novel is told backwards and forwards: Death knows all and sees all.


Cuisine and Delicacies

Ranked as Steak: 
It's an old classic coming of age tale.  But with so many juicy snippets.  It's a joy to read and soak up.

Why you should visit here:

You will Cry.  I don't care how old you are, it'll be a tearjerker.  You will have a Darryl Dixon style cry fest.  

And you will shake your head, I promise.

Packing List:

✔ Box of tissues
✔ Flashlight for late nights
✔ Box of Crayons, you'll see!
✔ Wikipedia for a few references

Recommended Resources
Movie Adaptation
✔  The Book Thief (2013) Directed by Brian Percival - It follows the novel with some changes & it captures the mood of the novel in a simplified way.