The Neverending Story

A Book to Link them All!

By Michael Ende
Translated by: Ralph Manheim
German, 1979
Fantasy, World Lit.

Main Attractions

Michael Ende
1. Falkor, Artex and 100s more!
3. Philosophical Fantasy World
4. Poetic Language
5. AMBCDEFG ..... with Pictures!
6. The story echoes itself
7. So many cool names
8. Tonnes of writing prompts
9. And the craft of writing!
10. Can re-read it many times

Video Postcard

Culinary Adventure

This book is ranked Han Jeon Sik(한정식) 

Because of it's profound variety in adventures, characters, themes and discussion topics, it's considered food worthy of the Korean royal court.  Seriously, this book is the complete set but is still approachable for everyone.

Why Visit this Book?

Great book for parents to read aloud during story time.  teens and adults can understand the deeper philosophy and themes about the importance of writing and stories.

what do stories do for us as humans?  what do they gives to us?  what do we give up for stories?  can they all be linked up in some way?

Micael Ende was a soldier in WW2, so I could see his descriptions of the battlefield in the The Nothing.  it must echo his experiences during WW2.

Town Map:

There's always a lot happing in these types of maps.  They can show so much information in such a short about of time.

Click Here for a larger image, it should open in a new tab for best image.

Travel Advisory

Ignore the movie, it's a tourist trap.

Hope that some renovations are done and a well-written miniseries replaces it.  *Fingers crossed*

Has this movie helped or harmed Mr. Ende's creation?