Why I Write

It’s Craft, Motivations and Agenda

By George Orwell
English, 1946
Essay, Non-Fiction

Main Attractions

George Orwell1. It’s George Orwell!
2. No nonsense logic
3. 1st person biography 
4. Clever observations about English!
5. Good writing advice
6. Very short 
7. Packed with good quotes
8. Good political insight
9. More insight into 1984
10. Bare bones, honest writing style  

Cuisine & Delicacies
Ranked as: Hearty Veggie Burger
It’s a non-fiction book that’s light and compact.  It should be readable in one afternoon.  Like a veggie burger, it has all the goodness of a good non-fiction but without the extra weight of a dense, chunker.

Off the Beaten Path

Here’s a great Tedx Talk about words being more important than ideas in a book even though readers are looking for ideas, not words.
It’s a bit longer then usual at 12 minutes.

Travel Advisory:

There are some dry bits.  He does prattle on a bit about specific politics of his day.  I think that’s a very offensive statement.  Orwell does merge politics and writing craft.  I think the main point of this book is the unity of those two can never be separated.  I read it from a writer’s craft point of view.  Again, it’s like going to a steak house as a vegetarian.  It’s just awkward. 

Packing List
✓ A Magnifying Glass
✓ Current Newspaper
✓ Scissors & Glue
✓ Notebook