Apr 24, 2017

Ancient Global Epics & Literary Versions

Reading our Roots

The Schedule

   ✓ Deciding the #YearofWriting plans.
   Tale of Genji & Heike 
   ✓ Japan
   ✓ Kana
   The Mahabharata 
   ✓ India, Sri Lanka
   ✓ Devanagari
   The Shahnameh 
   ✓ Greater Iran, Greater Persia 
   ✓ Persian and/or Arabic
   The Odyssey or The Aeneid 
   ✓ Greece, Italy (Roman Empire)
   ✓ Greek 
   Saga of Volsungs, Kalevala or Mabinogion  
   ✓ Iceland, Finnish or Welsh
   ✓ Nordic, Finnish Runic or Irish Ogham 
   Journey to the West (The Monkey and the Monk)
   ✓ Mongolian
   African Mythology (Ethiopian Epic?) 
   ✓ Ge'ez or Cree

You're Invited!

Feel free to adapt this in any way you like. Read only modern retellings or make it a lifer and read only the unabridged translated works! 

Use #AncientGlobalEpic to participate via Blog, Booktube, Twitter, or Instagram  ... 

Whichever Floats your Bookmark!

I'm a Lifer 

I've made a reading schedule with a list of the epics I'd like to read this year.  2018 will be a year of abridgements to get a sampling of what's been happening around the world regarding the masterpieces of time.

Here's the twist: I also have a crazy idea of touching on the writing systems that would accompany these epics.  So on the schedule is the writing system I'll be studying along with the epic.  

It's impossible to learn 6 different languages in a single year, so the goal of the writing system is mainly cosmetic understanding.  I'll focus my energy on learning how to write each system, not the entire language.  Or learning full, proper pronunciation of the sounds for any of the languages that use these systems.  I'll learn the rough sounds of course, but not focus on my accuracy of pronunciation, just yet.  

While learning these writing systems, it will be a fantastic incidental to slowly develop an ear for the sounds that many of these languages use. 

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