Apr 24, 2017

Ancient Global Epics & Literary Versions

Reading our Roots

Are You Nutz? Why?

I simply love learning about the Ancient World.  So, what's more fun than to read works that stood Eons' length of time!

Some of these epics are long!! A lifetime to read long!  So, in this case, I'll give in to abridgements.

Ancient Epics can include Foundational Myths for the country because every project needs it's Bunny Slippers.  

More professionally speaking they are... oh look! A video!

But.... Around the World Challenge...

I won't cross post these Epics with the Around the World Challenge.  If a modern adaptation or retelling is clearly based on an epic, I'll link it here as such.  Maybe I'll branch out the definition of what makes an Ancient Epic to include under represented countries.  *cross your fingers* I hope English translations are available!

For sure, I'll make my signature Destination Profile for each Epic.  They look so pretty! And I can pack in so many resources.  

More specific posts will be linked here.  So for The Ramayana as an epic: I have the Destination Post which won't be added to. (Except adding AGE Challenge link to here.)

Future, more detailed books will be added here under the title: The Ramayana.  This would include the Sanskrit Clay Library Collection, other translations and a heading that lists literary adaptations.  

Literary Adaptations are more widely read, so I'll also include them in the Main Alphabetical Index  

You're Invited
I've explained what'll work for my site.  Feel free to adapt this in any way you like.  Read only modern retellings or make it a lifer and read only the unabridged translated works! 

Use #AncientGlobalEpic & Participate via Blog, Booktube, Twitter, or Instagram  ... 

Whichever Floats your Bookmark!

Central (including The Caribbean)

Europe (including Russia)

South & Central 

Eastern & Southern
Islands of the Indian Ocean

The Middle East



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