Apr 10, 2017


Portable Enlightenment

By The Buddha himself!
Translated by Gil Fronsdal
India, 3rd Century BCE 
Buddhist Scriptures, Philosophy

Main Attractions

Gil Fronsdal Translator
1. Short & Sweet 
2. Arranged by Topic
3. Philosophic Images 
4. Easy to Read & Understand
5. Great to Reflect Back on
6. Highly Flippable, Magazine Style
7. Clear & Concise Notes on Sanskrit
8. Bibliography of Various Translations
9. Cross-References to Parallel Verses in Other Buddhist Texts
10. Highly Quotable for DIY Gifts.

Cuisine & Delicacies

Ranked as: Summer Salad
It’s surprisingly breezy to read and friendly if you just want to flip through to read 15 words or so.  Each Sutra has lots of  whitespace  so it’s easy to just read a couple of lines and still get some goodness.  Or, huge margins if you’re a detailed pencil reader!  

Each chapter has a topic or theme so you can just sample according to your mood.  Some themes are: Old Age, Corruption, Oneself and Thousands.  There’s even one on The Elephant or untranslated titles; The Bhikkhu which is explained in the notes at the back.

Why Visit Here

It’s a great introduction to Buddhist or Eastern Thought/Philosophy.  The writing style is friendly and easy to read.  It can be re-read 1000s of times.  The phrases can be applied to life in so many ways.  Either as a way of living, guides to follow, writing prompts for a journal, poetry or other craft. It’s a short, light book which is very portable for travel.  Yet it’s so filled with snippets that can sustain the reader while standing in line.  A great book to read on the go or leisurely laying out in the sun.  It’s coolest when it sparks a conversation!

Off the Beaten Path

Introduction to The Buddha and his Mythical Life Story

Richard Here Talks about Buddhism, this is part one of a documentary by Everyman

Packing List

✓ Music: Cello Rock Adaptations, Pan Flutes, Cedar Flutes, Korean Buddhist Chanting 
✓ Light Source: Candle, Flashlight, Sunlight
✓ Beverage: Strawberry Tea or Wine
✓ Recite to a Loved one: Read Aloud or Use a Phrase to Make a Gift

Recommended Resources
Alternate Books
✓ I’ll dig up some great novels with Buddhist themes and maybe some myths.

Alternate Movies
✓ Samsara (2012) Directed by Ron Fricke - Why is it recommended? Deadly Trailer:

✓ I Origins (2014) Directed by Mike Cahill - A very Buddhist movie, if you like philosophy and unique storylines.  The trailer gives away every spoiler & major moment, it’s a fun movie to go into knowing nothing about it.

✓ The Fountain (2006) Directed by Darren Aronofsky - Another Buddhist philosophical movie, this one is told with staggered plot lines.  It all makes sense at the end!

✓ The Peaceful Warrior (2006) Directed by Victor Salva - Motivational movie adaptation of the book.  Some very Buddhist themes now get out there…tiger!! 

✓ Any movie title The Buddha or Buddhism, there have been lots of great adaptations of Siddhartha’s Life.

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