Sita’s Ramayana

Her Side of the Epic!

Text By Samhita Arni
Illustrations By Moyna Chitrakar
Based on Chandrabati’s Retelling
Originally Attributed to Valmiki
India, 2011

Main Attractions

1. Keeps the Ancient Vibes 
2. Lots of Events & Details 
3. Beautiful Artwork
4. Great Intro to the Ramayana 
5. Lengthy Mythical Battle 
6. Includes all the Key Events
7. Told as a Fable with Morals
8. The Women’s Point of View
9. Fun to Read & Discuss
10.  Best Ending Ever!


Cuisine & Delicacies

Ranked as: Summer Salad
If you know the story already, this will be a super breezy read.  It retains most of the original, well-known events.   If you don’t know the story, this will be a great introduction and still a light read.  The names may be a bit confusing, but there is a handy map at the beginning.  This story demonstrates the ideals of everything relating to male and female.  We aren’t expected to live up to these perfect standards because they are, well, perfect.  The ending is up for tonnes of debate! That’s where all the best discussions are.  This book ends it so well and contributes to this debate.  

Why Visit Here

This graphic novel is a retelling of this Ancient Epic.  And it does it so well!  Understanding this epic is a great way into understanding  some of India’s culture.  Indians all over the world grow up hearing this famous tale.  So if you are familiar with it, surely some great conversations can be had!  It’s such a great story to talk about because it demonstrates what makes an ideal human.  What’s our role in society and what should be the priority?  Which role should be dominant; family, or job?  What exactly is our social responsibility?

Packing List

✓ Bunny Slippers for a cozy read
✓ A cartoon adaptation for enhanced coziness
✓ Must dine at your local Indian Restaurant for great food after!

Movie Adaptation
✓ Sita Sings the Blues (2008) Directed by Nina Paley - She opened the copyright for 100% free distribution!  And it’s a great movie, a very cute rendition of The Ramayana.