Under Construction

3 Major Projects Announcement

Thank you for being Patient.  

I spent the last 2 weeks tweaking my Menus and Itineraries.  I’ve also added a Reader’s Retreat.  Destinations have trickled in a lot slower than usual.  That section will be back on track shortly.  

All of this is in preparation for … drum roll …. 

Reading all the Russians Project!!! 

Slowly, I’ll be typing up the Chronology of Russian Books.  I have 9 pages of books to type up over the next few days!! And more slowly, I plan to read all or most of them.  So the Destinations will trickle in until that 9 page list is up.  Then I'll be back to the daily Destinations again.  

2nd Drum Roll …. 

Global Ancient Epics Project! 

I plan to read at least one Epic from various countries around the World.  This will include Modern Retellings or Adaptations.  They’ve inspired so many rich stories and I’m excited to share my findings with you.  I’ll draft up a Reading List based on my Goodreads Bookshelf.  The Reading List is flexible and can be added to as I discover more of the great books.  Feel free to join in or suggest your own country’s Ancient Epic.

3rd Drum Roll….. Already posted is the ...

Reading Around the World Project.  

I’ll try to read from each Continent (EASY!!!!)  I’d like to focus on lesser known regions or areas that are under represented.  Many countries are in the news, focusing on disasters.  I’d like to focus on books that showcase the culture of the country.  Some of the historic turmoil is good to learn about also.  Anything that can give a deeper understanding of the people and their culture.

As always, please feel free to recommend books to me (hopefully that are available in an English translation).  You can recommend in the comments or through my Goodreads Account.  I’d sure like to learn about more books, myths, epics, philosophers that represent other countries.  Romanized Titles are ok, I’m pretty good at Google & am not afraid to dig for gems!!

My Tourist Map section is woefully broken!  I’m not sure where to go with that section.  Delete it? Alter it?  I could change it to make mini-projects.  Or if they are helpful, I could continue to make mind maps for books.  Drop me a line for any ideas.