Why Blog About Reading

My Writing Roots

    I started this blog after tonnes of failed attempts at the online journaling form.  I consider myself a writer since a very young age, how cliche!  I’m unique because I started with poetry at age 10 & winning a poetry contest early on at my local library.  My Irish father must have inspired at least some of that, him becoming a published writer during my teens through sheer dedication to the craft & marketing.  

    I’ve always swayed between reading and writing.  This blog is the first union between these two passions.  I’m loving the magazine appeal of seeing each post.  Seeing the final post always brings me so much joy because I know it can be leisurely read over a cup of loose-leaf Mermaid’s Blend.  By far, the Destinations is the most extensive, it’ll always be the heart of this Books Online Oasis.  

Organic Cyber Space

   But I can see it growing organically into a Retreat where I hope to explore deeper into books in a conversational style.  Teaching in Bundang, Korea has taught me the importance of comparing literature with each other.  So in the retreat, I hope to create a place for the characters to go on vacation, where they can kick back and let their Verbs just hang out in all their Adjectival glory!  A place for Hamlet to lecture Holden Caulfield.  Or Raskolnikov to slung beers with Hamlet and compare grievances.  Does Virgil like to be a guide for Dante?  Or would he rather be in Paradise Lost? Or even Joyce’s Ulysses?   

   And…. What kind of Retreat would it be if there was only one activity!  A lake needs more than just a canoe.  It needs a watery runway with loons to run through, dramatically trying the near impossible!  Or sturgeons far into the depths, musing on the most unattainable meanings.  And a writer, happily on the shoreline foolishly trying to understand the two.  Naturally, I’m referring to the impossibly of challenges!

Charting Troubles!

            In the Atlas section, I hope to somehow include an organized link to all of the challenges I’m chipping away at.  The Atlas is just an index for navigating this online space.  In the Retreat section, I’ll ponder the idiocy of trying to read all of Russian Lit in a single lifetime.  Or head shaking moments from reading a book set in another culture, that I understand nothing of!   

           That rebellious map section.  It’s shuffled down onto the end …. Of the line.  Painfully neglected….. Atlases need a map! That’s the whole point of having an atlas.  It’s like a Mermaid Blend without the spring water!  Can the Soul’s Wager find a resting place in the Maps?  Or should it become the exercise grounds for Characters going on a Retreat?    
What’s to be done?  For now, just collect dust and hope it amounts into a bunny.

   Forming blog posts gives me a sense of refinement.  It takes the same skill as composing a sonnet.  Refining words into a highly enjoyable wine.  Blog posts are a little more relaxed and have some fluffy love handles that sonnets just don’t allow for!  Sonnets, all tightly bound up in their corsets!