Soul's Wager Project

Name Your Price!

I put this little map together during the winter when I was just beginning my year of reading.  I've made a lot of headway on it! 

The Map

Reading Goals 2017
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The Project

I started it by simply noticing a pattern in some of my 2017 TBRs.  I discovered a few versions of the Faust Legend.  I already read The Monk and wanted to read The Hunchback of Notre Dame.  So I sought out more books that include this ultimate Good vs Evil theme! 

The little nodes tie in the similar books' theme or plot.  I think they look nice together.  I plan to re-read them and make some comparisons together.  

If you would like to create your own Soul's Wager, feel free! I'd love to hear what your books are.  Or if you added any new themes.  It's a fun way to organize a TBR.

The Finished Reads

So far, I've made some major headway! Here's a list of the reviewed books that are just waiting for some deeper comparisons & discussions!

Faust Part 1 & 2: A Web of Deals
Doctor FaustusThe Older Web of Deals
The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Living, Breathing Cathedral
The Divine Comedy: Trio of Bunny Slipper Greatness
The Monk: A Tale of Descent