Prompts for Emergencies

Take 1 hour, write up 30 prompts that are just for your story.  They should be customized for your characters (what you know of them) and the bits of the plot that exist.  

Caution: using this strategy will encourage plot holes & rampant inconsistency.  But, it times of crises, you just have to make do!!  Got your matches of inspiration?  

Let’s get started, there’s truly no time to waste:

The Basics:

5Ws are always helpful to get the ball rolling: 
✓ Why is he going there?         
✓ What does she want?            
✓ Why does she want that?
✓ Who are they talking to?       
✓ When is (the big scene) going to happen?  What's next?
✓ What would my character say to me?  Have the character write you a letter explaining them self to you.

The Customized:

Write 1 sentence for what your novel’s about.  Then write 1 paragraph.  From this paragraph, begin to ask yourself questions.  
✓ Why am I writing this?
✓ What does my character want?  Who is this other guy? What does he want?
✓ What will they fight about? Why?
✓ Who wins the 1st fight?  What’s the consequence?
✓ Make the 30 questions as personal for the story as you can.  The more customized, the better.  If you can get 30 questions out, you’ve got Nano in the bag. 

The Bonus Round {for Extra Insurance}

Add Creativity for spice:
✓ What if a talking rabbit joins the party?
✓ What if the main character decides to …..(buy a set of angel wings for himself, something outlandish is encouraged)

Perhaps some dares?
✓ Add a burning crayon to the scene you're writing now.  
✓ The next time you're in a restaurant or coffee shop, do some people watching. Take notes on the most interesting-looking person you see. Create a character out of them, and insert them in your novel.
✓ Pick any celebrity (living, dead, film, book, music, politics, etc.) and add them to your novel!
✓ Give your character a life altering food allergy! 

Don't panic!! Just follow the steps & calmly write.  You've got this ^.^