Survival Kits & Munchies

With only 16 more days until the madness begins, we simply must consider the key to winning Nano: 

Survival Kits!

Do you pack one? What's in it? Does it change each year?

Ideas to start us off:
 Notebooks or Software? Favourite Type of Notebook or stationary?
 Calendars, Time Management Tricks 'n Hacks 
 Word War Buddies, Team Cheer Us On! Do you have regular folks to root you on?
 Junk Food! {That's what everyone's secretly thinking!}
 A Detailed, Embellished Reward System 
 Any other Top Secret Arsenal?  

The Munchies & Rewards!                                             
I use Scrivener.  *romantic sigh of adoration*  Details on that is a romance story for another time.  I have coloured pens, spiral spined notebooks, sticky tabs & coloured cue cards.  But I don't use these as often as others for some reason.  

My #1 Best Tip: I also keep notes/summaries on what I wrote for each day.  That's the most important for me otherwise I lose track & have to read what I've written.  A nano no-no.  It opens the door so Charolette can enter with all her editorial criticism.  Charolette's my inner critic, she's vacationing in Siberia until January.

Word Wars!  I have a regular comrade on FB who's a heavy hitter in the US.  She beats me every time.  But this year, her keyboard is on the fritz so I have a chance!  3 or 4 of those and I can reach my word count for the day.  10 or 20 if I'm really behind!

The good stuff, we all know nano's just an excuse to binge on junk food!  I have coffee, maybe a glass or box of wine and brownies.  The brownies are also from a box.  I just have to procrastinate, add water & an egg, bake then eat.  Delicious break food that's also a distraction.

Rewards, I saw some awesome ones online where folks tier them.  I haven't thought about rewards as much.  I'm probably too full of brownies & coffee to be overly concerned! But it's sure an interesting idea to focus more on this year.  Maybe I can dial back on the calories & go for something more concrete & lasting? Who am I fooling? I've still got Rudolf muffin papers saved from 1964! 

So, a new-to-me book is in there for sure.  Maybe something from Lush?  There's a new chocolate store in town, maybe their coffee flavoured chocolate bar can be 5,000 words? Musing, musing.  The rewards are a great time to support some locally owned businesses after all!

✓  5,000 words = Coffee Chocolate Bar
 10,000 words = Loose Leaf Tea
 25,000 words = Artisans @ the Farmer's Market
 30,000 words = Bring Husband on a Date.
 45,000 words = Order only a dessert from a local restaurant!
 50,000 words = The Most Dangerous Book: The Battle for Jame's Joyce's Ulysses By Kevin Birmingham 

Well, I've just spent a bit of time crafting this fun post. *blush*  I've giggled a lot while writing it.  I hope you did too!  Are your Nano experiences a bit similar?  Have you thought of these things as much as me?  What are some fun rewards that you're going for?