Ambiance for Concentration

I hope everyone’s writing is going well!   

Cabin mates are saying their tearful goodbyes while others are vowing to join a more chatty cabin next year.  The last camp of the season is an emotional time for all of us.  This has been another great camp for me.  I’ve met some of goals, excelled in other and had major flops in some goals.  
So, either if you won or lost, met or failed to achieve your goals, the writing doesn’t have to end here.  Keep going, the Nano threads are always open.  Rumour has it they’ll even revamp the site, so be sure to jot down your writing buddies or screen shot the lists in case they’re lost.

I’ll link some of my favourite ambience videos for both reading and writing.  Many of these channels have a variety of other videos, these are just my favourites.  Feel free to link some of your favourites in the comments section below.  And share this post if you like.

Korean Coffee Shops, non-looping ones with people subtly in the background.

Upfirst, if you love to write in a coffee shop atmosphere, I have to recommend the Korean coffee shops, they have just enough chatter paired with that expresso machine to create the perfect ambiance for concentration.


한여름 midsummer ASMR


Rachel Lee
Cafe with less talking, more Jazz & changing photos

Korean Study with Me

Study with me at a cafe, mellow music, chatter & occasional cat sighting.

(Korean word for love)
The best library setting around.  
Study with me in the NY Public Library

Graphic Design ASMR Rooms for Ambience

Rpg ambient sounds
This channel is new & is so promising with the unique content.  Loops are tough to notice.
Rainy Night in a Medieval Priory II

The Guild of Ambience
The loops aren’t noticable and is comparable to rpg’s channel.  Here's 2 from this channel:

My all time favourite right now is their new seaside market place video.

Library with soft rain & pages turning.

ASMR Rooms
The loops are a bit noticeable, but they’re so pleasant for background ambience if your focus is somewhere else.
Seashore cottage with lovely swaying shells

Also by this same channel, a lovely Hogwarts Library

Classical Tunes paired with Nature or Imagery

Classical Vault 1
Classical music is listed by name & paired with images of nature.

Nature Sounds with Video

Babu’s Relax TV
Thunderstorm on a cool summer porch

Soft Rain on a Paris Street

Natural Rain sounds, this channel is devoted to it & sets a camera in various settings.  Probably during Korea’s monsoon season.

smilemedia’s other channel: