The Fault in Our Stars

And Our Flawed Infinity

By John Green
USA, 2012
YA, Coming of Age

Main Attractions

John Green1. Augustus is way cool.
2. Hazel is an awesome tough chick.
3. Together they are super entertaining.
4. It’s more about life than cancer.
5. The fictional author is a royal BEEP.
6. But he may be based on a realistic type of author.
7. The introduction quote, don’t look for reality in this book.
8. I looked for reality in this book :P
9. The ending is predictable and also unexpected.
10.  A great love story about 1st love.

Travel Advisory:

May have some triggers for cancer survivors.  Or, it may help with healing and understanding.  There is a lot of dark humour, which I enjoy.  And, it’s a YA, which I generally don’t enjoy.  Some YA is great, so save the tomato throwing for another review.

Cuisine & Delicacies

Ranked as: Ghost Pepper BBQ Ribs
Granted, the dialogue is laugh out loud comical and also deeply insightful.  There are some mentally crippling scenes that are cry out loud tragic and also deeply insightful in their rawness.  Who doesn’t love a book that includes the archetypal happy and sad masks?

Why Should you Visit Here?

It’s a rare book that merges various points of view.  Cancer, like dying, doesn’t discriminate.  The main characters are teenagers who are faced with a very ‘grown-up’ diagnosis.  Near the prime of their life, they are facing their own mortality.  It’s a very philosophical book about what destiny and life is, with all of the mortality that being human can bring to the table.

I did say there are various points of view.  The characters are teenagers, so at it’s heart, it’s a simple coming of age story.  They face their challenges with the standard and not so standard, sense of humour that memorable protagonists all have.  Some moments are described so they are relatable.  Who hasn’t travelled through an airport?  Or been to a museum?  Or had a 1st date?  It’s a great book for teens and adults to share together.  I’m sure they can both find common ground for a conversation over hot chocolate or coffee.

Packing List

✓ A swing set
✓ The rattiest, oldest, best book you own
✓ Membership to a Book Club or other social outlet for discussion

Recommended Resources:

Alternate Books:
✓ Caesar (1599) By Shakespeare  - The title is a deliberate mis-quote from this book! It’s gotta be important to the theme.
✓ Hamlet (1599) By Shakespeare - He contemplates life and death and is very philosophical
✓ Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (2014) By Caitlin Doughty - It’s a non-fiction that mixes humour, various cultural references and philosophy share the inner workings of the funeral industry and art of dying. 

Film Adaptation:
The movie’s only shortcoming is it’s not able to explore the depths of philosophy that the book does.  I highly recommend enjoying both the movie and book.
Directed By Josh Boone (2014)