Gothic Crime and Punishment

The Russian Gateway Book

By Fyodor Dostoevsky

Translated by: Pevear and Volokhonsky
Russian, 1866 
Psychological, Philosophical, Realism 

Crime and Punishment Dostoevsky
Main Attractions

1. Page 1, he seems a bit looney.
2. A fate changing letter.
3. Impossible choices.
4. Most loving prostitute… ever.
5. And there’s a damsel in distress.
6. He’s losing more of his marbles.
7. A few people die dramatically.
8. It’s the man who faints.
9. So much twisted, dark philosophy.
10.Consequences: good or bad?  

Video Postcard

The quotes for this were easy to find. Matching them up with photos was tricky!  I hope these postcards capture the mood of Crime and Punishment. 

Note: Quotes are from the Constance Garnett Translation.
I read hers 1st and was still 
amazed by this book.

Travel Advisory:
This is a gateway book, it brings with it a very high risk of exploring more Russian Literature.  It can entice people who enjoy Gothic literature, I Am Legend by Matheson, Nietzsche or basically any book of extreme mental anguish.

I was so moved by this book that my laptop is called Fyodor. A few years later, I named my iPad mini Edgar because Fyodor seems like a Russian Poe.  I’m sure they would have clinked a few drinks together in some dimly lit basement.

Cuisine & Delicacies

Ranked as Lasagne or Hearty Casserole

This book is very saucy and thought provoking.  It's a dish almost everyone loves!  So it makes it a great introduction book for Russian Literature.  Dostoevsky's writing draws you in and makes you think.  

Destination Summary 

Don't ruin your vacation with predictability. Beware, spoilers are fair game in this video.  If you've already read it, the vid's pretty damn hilarious.

Packing List

Recommended resources
Alternate Books
Hunger By Knut Hamson - This author of this book was inspired by Dostoevsky.  So Hunger seems like one aspect of Raskolnikov while still being so much more!

I Am Legend By Richard Matheson - It's told from one man's thoughts while he decides on the best course of action.

Alternate Movies
✓ Crime & Punishment (1970) Directed by Lev Kulidzhanov - It's a Black & White Russian made movie.  The acting is on point and the movie is true to the book. 


✓ The Machinist (2004)Directed by Brad Anderson Christian Bale plays the lead - It gets your feet wet without spoilers from the original story.  It's an American adaptation but it's surprisingly well done!

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