Wanderings of The Catcher in the Rye

One Boy in the Streets of New York

By J.D. Salinger
American, 1951
Coming of Age, Realistic Fiction

Main Attractions

1. An angry, whiney teenager.
2. A red hunting hat.
3. In NYC, 1950s.
4. Stellar younger sister.
5. Creepy older teacher.
6. A very realistic, relevant story.
7. Some nifty insights and a whole lot of swearing.
8. Raises lots of questions.
9. Great for discussions.
10. Unfinished ending, much like life.

Video Postcard

Cuisine & Delicacies
It's not an easy read.  Sure, it's got some deliciously gossipy bits that could satisfy the clucker in you.  But it's awfully rich in phoniness and why doesn't he just go home!  It must be one of the least finished books out there.

Travel Advisory

Not for the lazy reader.  It's often puzzling and confusing.  The main character is not likeable.  In fact, he's downright disagreeable.  So why read it?  It sounds like the mind of a real rebellious teenager.  It can't give the answers to the universe, but maybe it can give a bit of insight for folks on the fringe.  

Packing List
✓ Map of New York City
✓ Water bottle, don't know why
✓ Diary and pencil
✓ Creature comfort like wine or a candle
✓ Whole lot of patience!
✓ Own copy: it's better on the re-read.

Recommended Resources
Alternate Books
Crime & Punishment By Fyodor Dostoevsky (1866) - Great psychological insight focused on the result of a crime.  Would be great to compare the narrators.
Hamlet By William Shakespeare (1599) - Hamlet contemplates a dilemma before acting on anything.